Melody Amber 2008

2007 FIDE World Championships

Join the ICC Chess.FM World Championship team for a ringside seat of all the action from Mexico City! We will be providing some of the best coverage ever produced for a big event such as this - and not just restricted to members-only!

For members, there will be daily live commentary and board analyses with US Chess Journalist of the Year, Mig Greengard, and he'll be joined each day on the show by one of our crack GM commentary team of Joel Benjamin, Larry Christiansen, Jon Speelman, John Fedorowicz, Gregory Kaidanov and Nick De Firmian. Macauley Peterson will also have interviews and the latest news direct from the Mexico City press center. And for each round during the show, the famed New In Chess Trivia Contest will see a lucky winner receive a one-year subscription to the best chess magazine in the world.

Free to non-members on ICC will be Mig's podcast on his spin of the days play along with a daily video diary from Macauley in Mexico. Also available will be a free 15-min Game of the Day video from one of our GM commentary team.

So, what are you all waiting for? Come to ICC Chess.FM for all the action as it happens, when it happens!

Look out for details of our extensive coverage at our WCC Mexico 2007 special section. Also, visit the official WCC Mexico 2007 website.