Dan has switched from doing audio shows to doing multimedia videos! You can find his latest video on www.chess.fm. His next video is scheduled to be released on:

Dan HeismanUSA Hosted by NM Dan Heisman, "Ask the Renaissance Man" is a Q&A show. You send in the questions and Dan provides the answers. Questions on tournament rules, opening play, chess books, chess politics, current events, and more! Tune-in to the show every Thursday at 21:00 EST.

Dan Heisman is a name that is synonymous with excellence in chess coaching and teaching. Dan authors the award-winning Novice Nook column (winner of three Chess Journalists of America "Best Instruction" awards), aimed at improving adults, for chesscafe.com that are clearly written and offer very practical advice and tips on how to improve your game. 

He has also written eight (with more in the pipeline) acclaimed teaching books on the game, including Back to Basics: Tactics, Everyone's 2nd Chess Book, and Looking for Trouble.

Over the years, Dan has produced many winning students and scholastic teams - and now he can help you, too! Earlier in the year, Dan released Improve Your Chess I, a series of five highly-rated instructional videos for ICC Chess.FM, bringing you his innovative teaching methods on how to play better chess. Now, in a follow-up comes a new five-part series Improve Your Chess II, all packed with more advice and helpful tips from the maestro himself.